Joey is an old wizard. He knows powerful magic, ranging from healing people to being able to harm a person so badly that he barely lives. Joey started learning magic when he was 5. The first spell he learned was one that allowed him to freeze water and melt ice. After that, he learned more powerful spells. He was able to fly at the age of 13, though he didn't use the spell often and forgot it. The last spell that he learned was one that allows him to create massive fires. He learned the spell at an age of 39. Joey's main job is to defend Tim's castle. He also helps Sacha with his magic sometimes.

Trivia Edit

  • When Joey was little, he threw his Gameboy Color out of the window because the first trainer of Pokémon Crystal was called Youngster Joey. He still remembers that and still hates the game because of it.
  • Joey's favourite game is Portal 2.

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