Lasers, along with their projectors, are enemies which currently appear only in The Floorsland 3 and its remake, The Floorsland Reborn.

They only appear in one level and are never separated from their projectors.

Appearance Edit

Lasers have two parts: a projector, and a beam. The projector is a yellow triangle. The beam is red.

Attacks Edit

The Floorsland 3 Edit

Lasers are the only enemy which instantly takes one of Tim's lives, regardless of his HP bar. They are shot out of laser projectors for a second, after which Tim can go through unscathed for another second.

Lasers are invulnerable to any damage.

The Floorsland Reborn Edit

Lasers behave similarly in The Floorsland Reborn. Their attack has 3 stages: extending, heating up, and collapsing. After the final stage is over, the laser stays dormant for 1.5 seconds. Instead of killing the player on the spot, lasers will deal 2, 3, or 5 damage, depending on the stage they're in. When a laser enters the extending state, particles will shoot out, which deal 1 damage.

Trivia Edit

  • The laser is the only enemy to appear in only a single level.
Enemies in The Floorsland series
Spike (NormalRedBlack)Score GrabberScore ThiefLaser

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