Interestingly enough, The Floorsland has its own set of different materials. All of them are listed in this page.

Gold Edit

The gold found in The Floorsland is very interesting. It's not as fragile as it is in the real world. It is also orange. Gold from The Floorsland is able to be painted really easily and the paint doesn't wear off quickly. A kilogram of gold is about Floorlar450.

Iron Edit

The iron from The Floorsland has pretty much the same properties as the one from the real world, except for that fact that it comes in two variations. Normal iron does not exist in The Floorsland.

Light iron Edit

Light iron is a pretty common variation of iron. It's a bit lighter in color and is also more fragile. It is often used to make jewelry because of its color. A set of earrings made from light iron cost around Floorlar85.

Dark iron Edit

Dark iron is a rarer variation of iron. It is a lot more durable than light iron. Dark iron is often used to make microwave ovens, televisions and computers because of its durability and blue-gray color.

Ruby Edit

Rubies in The Floorsland are a bit less durable than light iron. They're fairly expensive, though they lose some of their quality when they are shaped to make jewelry or other objects. A kilogram of freshly-mined rubies would cost about Floorlar1,200, while a kilogram of shaped rubies would cost Floorlar900.

Emerald Edit

Emeralds are semi-rare. Unlike on Earth, where emeralds are green, they are blue in The Floorsland. Emeralds are not very durable despite their heaviness (a small chunk weighs 1.112 kilograms). Emeralds are not very expensive when bought non-shaped or freshly-mined (a freshly-mined chunk costs around Floorlar145), but jewelry and blocks of emeralds are pretty expensive (a necklace of emeralds costs approximately Floorlar426).

Diamond Edit

Diamonds are very rare in The Floorsland. They're very hard to break. Like light iron, diamonds are often used in jewelry. They are also used to encase or protect valuable objects. The biggest diamond found naturally in The Floorsland weighs about 355.75 kilograms. If one was to buy the diamond, it would cost him approximately Floorlar42,104.

Obsidian Edit

Tough as nails, but fragile when shaped.
—mDiyo, Tinkers' Construct, Materials and You Volume 2

This pretty much applies to the obsidian from The Floorsland. Obsidian is pretty common. It's used to make special blue or purple glass that's harder than normal glass. It's also sometimes used to make durable boxes and cases, though diamonds are more suitable most of the time.

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