Montgomery was Tim's brother. The only released game he fully appears in is The Floorsland 3, where he is shown stealing The Crystal of The Floorsland in the intro. His soul is also set to appear in The Floorsland RPG as the antagonist.

Biography Edit

NO! Come on Montgomery, hang on a le-
—Montgomery, falling from Mount Lake

Montgomery was born about five years before Tim, making him the older one. He learned to read fairly quickly. He was an excellent student at school, however he got interested in illegal things after he finished school. When he was 25 he traveled to Earth, where he secretly bought some drugs. Around a month after he returned he turned evil, possibly because of the drugs being bad. He started stealing all the power crystals and his brother had to recover them each time. At the age of 30 he wanted to find the core of The Floorsland so he could destroy it. He read up that it is on top of Mount Lake, so he climbed it, but he slipped near the top and fell off. Because of the height of the mountain (10 kilometres, fell from 9 kilometres) he died on impact. That spread around the world and Tim was so happy when he heard it that he made a big party.

Trivia Edit

  • Ironically the way he died was by falling off a mountain and his name actually means mountain[1][2].
  • Montgomery is blue in The Floorsland 3. Telinc1 has confirmed that this is because the series were not fully designed back then and all boys were blue.

References Edit


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