Mount Crossover is a short mountain in The Floorsland. It acts as a wall between the Northern region and the Southern region of the planet. People can go between the two regions freely without having to pay. If they're carrying bags or suitcases then they will have to show their contents to the guards.

The corridor between the two regions is around half a kilometer long. A railway exists for children and older people so they don't have to walk the distance.

History Edit

After Southern Floorsland was inhabited (around the 5th century), people thought of Mount Crossover as the end of the world. Approaching it was enough to earn anyone a death penalty (execution would be carried out by burning).

These beliefs would slowly disappear over the centuries. Mount Crossover would later be used as the arena in the Freedom War.

In modern society, Mount Crossover is simply an inconvenient wall.

Game appearances Edit

The Floorsland Origins Edit

Mount Crossover briefly appears the end of the first level of the first game and acts as the level ending point.

Locations in The Floorsland series
Mount LakeMount LarvaMount Crossover

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