Platformer game is an ActionScript 2 based engine used in all of The Floorsland (series)#The Floorsland games from the Flash era.

It is a complete copy of the game made in the YouTube tutorial series How to Make a Platform Game in Advance by user Flash8Games and was originally made in Macromedia Flash 8.

Gameplay Edit

In the first few games, where the engine is completely unmodified, the controls are the default ones of moving with the left and right arrow keys and jumping with the up arrow key. Tim is represented as a solid blue rectangle in the first game, with poses added in the second one.

The collision detection in the engine is known for being notoriously buggy, failing to detect thin platforms and altogether ignoring the bottom and sides of any platform. The first game even contains moving platforms which the player can fall through.

Inner workings Edit

The engine uses basic functions from ActionScript 2, with the ground being grouped in a single object. The camera is actually a Vcam, a utility generally only used for movies and not for games.

As hinted above, the exact same engine can be replicated by following the tutorial series on YouTube.

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