Protector Gates are elements that appear in all The Floorsland games, excluding The Floorsland: Survival Mode and The Floorsland SNES Edition[1]. Protector Gates are tall walls that prevent people from going where they shouldn't. One can easily open the gate by pressing a big lever, usually located next to it. Each game that has Protector Gates has a different animation when they open. In The Floorsland and The Floorsland 2, the gate simply becomes smaller. In The Floorsland 3 the gate also becomes smaller, however it decreases its size from both the top and bottom and falls down when it's the right size. The animation from The Floorsland 4 is similar, however the gate breaks in half when it touches the ground.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Floorsland 4 features only one Protector Gate.
  • Protector Gates are usually placed at the end of the level.
  • The Floorsland 3 is the only game that has two Protector Gates in one level.

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