Spikes are a recurring enemy in The Floorsland series. They have existed since the very beginning of the series and originate from How to Make a Platform Game in Advance, the original engine used in the series. They are gray triangles.

Appearance Edit

Spikes are gray triangles, usually a little taller than Tim. They also used to have a thick outline, which was removed in The Floorsland 4 and hasn't been added since.

Attacks Edit

Spikes move up and down and deal 1 damage when they're hit. They used to have a rectangular hitbox, which was fixed in The Floorsland Reborn.

Red Spike Edit

Red spikes are a variation of the spike which first appeared in The Floorsland 4. It's a red spike with blue and black curved lines running through it. Red spikes deal 2 damage.

Black Spike Edit

Black spikes are a variation of the spike that first appeared in The Floorsland Origins. It's a black spike with a special glow effect added to it. The black spike does 4 damage to Tim when he touches one, making it one of the most dangerous enemies in the entire series.

Trivia Edit

Enemies in The Floorsland series
Spike (NormalRedBlack)Score GrabberScore ThiefLaser

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