Teleporters are one of the methods to travel in The Floorsland. They are blue or purple rectangles, around twice as a human tall. They are always linked. When somebody touches a teleporter, they are launched towards the other teleporter from the pair, as revealed in The Floorsland Origins. Teleporters are very advanced technology that nobody from Earth can make or use because of the way the device teleports people around.

Game appearances Edit

Teleporters are used to instantly change the player's location to somewhere else in the level. Because of the way the camera is set up in the Flash games, it's easy to tell which way the character is heading when a teleporter is used.

Teleporters appear in The Floorsland 2, The Floorsland 3 and The Floorsland Origins (the latter also uses them to end a level). They are also confirmed to appear in The Floorsland SNES Edition[1].

References Edit

  1. An image was posted by Telinc on Twitter showing off lasers, but the text "This is a teleporter" is also visible on screen.

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