The Floorsland: Survival Mode, also known as TF: Survival Mode 3 is a mini-game from the series. It's an avoider-style game, featuring Spikes that will fall from the ceiling at random positions.

Gameplay Edit

The player can pick between a set of backgrounds and ground colors. To move Tim the player needs to use the arrow keys or the A and D buttons. Pressing Escape, Q or P will pause the game, giving options to quit, quit and submit the player's score (only available if the player is logged into Newgrounds and has 20 or more score), toggle the background, toggle the ground color or resume gameplay. There are four game modes available. In each game two spikes are added and Tim gets one less health unit, however the easier game modes give less score. The fourth game mode is Hardcore mode, which gives the player one health unit and 10 spikes. Death in Hardcore will halve the player's score. The game mode is inspired by Minecraft's hardcore mode in which the player has to delete their world if they die.

The game also features 5 medals, four of which require getting 150, 405, 660 and 915 score respectively. The fifth medal requires the player to walk for 15 seconds without stopping while playing in Hard mode. The game also comes with a scoreboard which lets players compete for score.

Video Edit

The Floorsland Survival Mode03:08

The Floorsland Survival Mode


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