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The Floorsland is the first game to be ever released from the series. It's an incredibly simple game and is actually more of a tech demo. It contains just three short levels. It does not have any menus, nor does it have any sound at all. It also has quit a bit of glitches, mostly involving the moving platforms from the third level. The game introduces all of the basic elements from the series, such as Protector Gates.

Plot Edit

The game doesn't at all feature an in-game plot, however the intended one now is that Montgomery stole the Alynea Crystal and Tim has to find it.

Gameplay Edit

The player controls Tim using the arrow keys. Levers are pushed by pressing space while standing on top of them. Tim has infinite lives so he can't get a game over by falling. The only enemy in this game is the Spike, which, as usual, will drain his HP bar until the player hits the game over screen. Pressing the Play again button will send the player back to the level they died on.

Levels Edit

Unused assets Edit

Telinc1 stated that he found an object called the "disnector" in the game's library. He also said that he has no idea where the object came

The mysterious object.

from[1]. According to screen shot that comes with the tweet, another object called "disnector_item" also exists, hinting that it might have been a collectable.

Bugs Edit

  • The moving platforms move so fast that the player can easily glitch through them. This, however, is mostly a fault of the collision system.

Video Edit

The Floorsland game made in Macromedia Flash 802:01

The Floorsland game made in Macromedia Flash 8


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