This article is about the way that people live. For other uses, see The Floorsland (disambiguation).

People living in The Floorsland live differently from humans on the Earth. This page lists all of the differences.

Eating habits Edit

People living in The Floorsland have different eating habits. They eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, ranging from ones humans see every day to ones that grow only on the planet. Most people eat sweets once or twice every two or three days, while some people (around 9.4%) state that they "eat sweets once in a blue moon".

Education Edit

In The Floorsland, kindergarten starts when a child is 2 years old and ends when a child is 4 years old. First grade starts at 5 years. Students in The Floorsland go through 15 grades instead of the usual 12. University is usually 3 years because of the amount of knowledge a person has after attending school.

Free time Edit

Game consoles like the NES, SNES, Wii or Wii U as well as hand-held consoles like the Nintendo DS or Gameboy Advance are distributed in The Floorsland. Almost all games are available in Game Stores, meaning that many people spend a part of their free time playing games. Most libraries in The Floorsland are huge and contain lots of books. Really advanced PC games also exist because The Floorsland has 128-bit computers. The underground of the planet also has a lot of features like swimming pools or playgrounds that children and adults spend their free time in.

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