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The Floorsland is a fictional series of games, most of which are Flash games. The series was started in 2011 by Telinc1 when the first game, The Floorsland, was released. Three sequels were released up to 2013. Currently, a new game is being developed.

The series were not very developed until May 2013, when Telinc1 grouped together with his friend to expand the series and the plot.

Games Edit

Flash Era Edit

Most of the games in The Floorsland series are Flash games, all hosted on Newgrounds.

The Floorsland Edit

Main article: The Floorsland (game)

This first installment of the series is an incredibly simple three-level game and is more of a tech demo. Like all games from the Flash era, its engine is based on a popular YouTube tutorial series, How to Make a Platform Game in Advance.

The Floorsland 2 Edit

Main article: The Floorsland 2

The sequel to The Floorsland runs on the same engine and introduces nothing new.

The Floorsland 3 Edit

Main article: The Floorsland 3

The series became more advanced with the release of The Floorsland 3. While still running on the same engine, it introduces music, more levels, and a short intro.

The Floorsland 4 Edit

Main article: The Floorsland 4

The last game chronologically from the series, The Floorsland 4, is quite similar to The Floorsland 3. It introduces a new graphic style and uses assets from Nintendo games (more specifically from the Mario series and Metroid: Zero Mission). The series's first boss, Boner, is also introduced.

The Floorsland Origins Edit

Main article: The Floorsland Origins

The Floorsland Origins is a completely overhauled remake of the first two games in the series, introducing many different tracks, special effects, and bonus content.

The Floorsland: Survival Mode Edit

Main article: The Floorsland: Survival Mode

Currently the only released spin-off game, The Floorsland: Survival Mode has went through three different redesigns. It's a simple avoider game in which Tim has to avoid spikes falling from the ceiling.

JavaScript era Edit

Telinc1 has hinted multiple times about switching away from Flash[1][2], until finally confirming the first game from the JavaScript era[3].

The Floorsland Reborn Edit

Main article: The Floorsland Reborn

On June 6th 2016, The Floorsland: Anniversary, later renamed to The Floorsland Reborn, was confirmed[4] as a remake of The Floorsland 3 and The Floorsland 4[3]. On the next day, Phaser was confirmed to be the engine used in the game[5].

Canceled/Frozen/Mentioned games Edit

There have been a lot of games from the series which have either been canceled altogether, frozen, or just mentioned.

The Floorsland RPG Edit

Some plans had been made for an RPG game in the series until it was ultimately frozen[6]. Hints that it might be continued have been recently given however[7].

The Floorsland Coin Race Edit

Main article: The Floorsland Coin Race

In May 2013, Telinc1 made a bit of tweets regarding a spin-off game called The Floorsland Coin Race[8][9][10].

The Floorsland SNES Edition Edit

Main article: The Floorsland SNES Edition

A lot of information regarding The Floorsland SNES Edition was tweeted out in June 2013[11][12][13][14], including mentions of the MSU-1 chip[15][16][17][note 1].

Unnamed Pokémon hack Edit

Shortly before the announcement of The Floorsland Origins, a Pokémon hack was mentioned on Twitter[18][19].

The Floorsland 5 Edit

The first part of the tweet regarding the medal The Secret Box mentions The Floorsland 5[20]. The Floorsland 5 is also mentioned in review responses left by Telinc1[21][22].

Notes Edit

  1. A made-up enhancement chip invented by byuu, the author of the bsnes emulator. It allows for way larger ROM sizes and MP3 music. The only emulator to support it is, obviously, bsnes (now renamed to higan) and any emulators running on the same core.

References Edit

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