The Floorsland 2 is the second game from the series. It introduces teleporters. Unlike its predecessor, it contains a main menu and instructions.

Plot Edit

This game also doesn't feature an in-game plot. The intended plot is pretty much the same as the one in the first game, but this time the Ancient Crystal is stolen by Montgomery.

Gameplay Edit

The game is controlled the same way as the first one. No new enemies are introduced,however each level has a red box containing "soldiers". Tim will instantly die if he falls in on of them. They are replaced by red platforms in the game's remake.

Levels Edit

Just like its predecessor, The Floorsland 2 includes a total of 3 levels.

Bugs Edit

  • On Level 2, it is possible to jump left on top of the "soldier box". The player will fall through it and keep falling forever (or rather, until the Y coordinate doesn't underflow).

Video Edit

The Floorsland 2 Killer Box Bug00:29

The Floorsland 2 Killer Box Bug

The bug in action

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