The Floorsland 3 is the third game from the series. It contains music and sounds, as well as more than three levels. It also introduces lasers and teleporters.

Plot Edit

This is the first game from the series to feature an in-game plot. It's a simple animation showing how the king looks away while Montgomery steals the Crystal of The Floorsland. After that you get a message saying that Tim has been chosen to find the crystal.

Gameplay Edit

The game is controlled like the two games before it. Many new objects are added, ranging from falling platforms to lasers and laser projectors. The game also features medals and a warp zone.

Bugs Edit

  • The intro is full of overlap errors. Technically, this is due to it a lot of it being on the same layer, which makes Flash fuse graphics together.
  • There's numerous spelling mistakes across the game, including in the intro ("the peoples") and in the ending screen ("You have fond the Crystal of The Floorsland").

Trivia Edit

  • This used to be the only game to have two Protector Gates in one level.
  • This is the only game that has a lever which does something other than collapsing Protector Gates (in this case, it blows up a wall).

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