The Floorsland Coin Race will be a mini-game from the series. It's currently in development.

Gameplay Edit

The player gets to pick whether he/she wants to play 3, 4 or 5 levels at once. Each level has 3 different variations that are randomly picked by the game. The ground colour and background of the levels are also random. In each level the player has 7 seconds to collect a set number of Floorlars. If the player falls, touches lava, gets his/her HP bar down to empty or lets the time run out the player will fail the level. Collecting all Floorlars is the way to succeed the level. At the end, players can submit the Floorlars they collected and/or the total time they had left to the scoreboards.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first game in which the Floorlar symbol appears. Other games refer to it as score or dollars.
  • Floorlars appear as their coin variant in this game.

References Edit


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