The Floorsland Origins is a remake of the first two games from the series.

Gameplay Edit

The game controls a little differently than the other games. The player can still move with the arrow keys, however movement is also possible with the WASD keys. Jumping is done with the Z button. The player can run with the X or G buttons. This game is the first one to feature Black Spikes and Score Thieves.

Bonus Content Edit

As it's a remake, this game features bonus content in the form of challenges. They are Montgomery's Point of View and A Travel Through the Ruins.

Games in The Floorsland series
Main Games
The FloorslandThe Floorsland 2The Floorsland 3The Floorsland 4The Floorsland ZeroThe Floorsland OriginsThe Floorsland: AnniversaryThe Floorsland RPGThe Floorsland SNES Edition
The Floorsland: Survival ModeThe Floorsland Coin Race

References Edit

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