Welcome to The Floorsland Wiki! In this wiki you will learn all about the fictional series of games called The Floorsland. The series are currently not very big, but they are growing each day! Everybody can help by creating new characters and locations! That's right, this is is more like a public online book that everybody can contribute to and edit!

Starting out
To start, you might want to check out the growing character list, or maybe check out the main character - Tim. If you want to contact the author of the series, then you can do that too! If you came here looking for information about The Floorsland in general, check out this category. If you want to edit the wiki, be sure to read our policies! If you are new to wikis, then don't be afraid to play around in the sandbox.

Did you know...
...that Floorlar is a combination of Floorsland and dollar?

...that Abbott means father?
...that the appendix that Boris removed was removed by putting a cutting tube in his mouth which cut his stomach and then cut out the appendix?
...that The Floorsland has its own Sun?
...that Thesupremedony is one of Telinc1's best friends in real life?
...that Tim enjoys watching comedies?

...that the Crystal of The Floorsland is the only crystal which name begins with a consonant?

The Floorsland Wiki Forums
Have a question? Want to report something? Want to give us advice? Put everything in The Floorsland Wiki Forums!

Help us!
You can help us by creating a new article! It can be about anything - characters, places, mountains...

Featured Character
Name: Abbot

Title: None
Age: 45
Known For: The father of Boris and Chad.

Abbott is the father of Boris and Chad. He is a farmer working in Tim's farms... (more)

Featured Game
Name: The Floorsland 3

Description: The one to bring The Floorsland to a new level.

The Floorsland 3 is the third game from the series. It contains music and sounds, as well as more than three levels... (more)

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