This page is about suggesting a featured character. The way that they are chosen is with the "Random Page" button, however if somebody wants their favourite character to be featured, they can suggest one!

Suggesting Edit

To suggest a character, edit this page. Put the following under the comment that says "Put suggestions below this comment":

{{subst:Suggestion|Page Name|User Name|Reason}}

Replace "Page Name" with the name (not link to) of the page you want featured, "User Name" with your username and "Reason" with a legit reason on why you want the character featured. The better the reason, the bigger chance your suggestion has of being featured. Note that you may update your reason (not your entire suggestion!) at any time you like, as long as you don't break any other rules.

Voting on a suggestion Edit

To vote on a suggestion, edit the heading that it's under. Add a line break (<br />) under the last vote (do not add it if there aren't any votes) and put either {{Support|Reason}} or {{Oppose|Reason}} depending on your vote. Please put in a reason, otherwise your vote will be rendered invalid. You may not vote for your own entry. Also, please do not remove other's votes. If that's done by the suggester, then the suggestion will be deleted.

Choosing of suggestions Edit

When a new featured character is picked (every Friday), then the administrator doing it will check the suggestions list. A suggestion with at least 3 votes, at least 50% of which are positive will be picked and moved to the finished suggestions page and will get features. Similarly, if a suggestion has more than 3 votes, 50% or more of which are negative, it'll not be chosen.

Suggestions Edit

Boris Edit

Suggested by: Telinc1
Reason: He is a very interesting character, especially with his strange disease. It's also funny how he caught every Pokémon.

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