If you want to be a rollback, administrator or bureaucrat, then this is the page you can post your request on.

Posting a request Edit

To post a request, then find the comment that says "Post requests below this line" and put the following under the comment:

{{subst:RequestForAdminship|Username|Power Level|Reason}}

In place of "Username", put your username. In place of "Power Level", put "Rollback", "Administrator", or "Bureaucrat". In place of "Reason", put a detailed reason on why you want the powers.

Voting Edit

To vote on a request, read the reason of the given request very carefully. When you are done, edit the request's section. Also, make sure he is following the rules. Select the last vote and put "
" after it. Make a new line and put this for support (you want the user to be granted powers):


or this for oppose (you don't want the user to be granted the powers):


Replace reason with the reason you are supporting/opposing. If you do not put a reason, then the vote will be rendered invalid.

Choosing Edit

When the current administrators think that the wiki could use more administrators or more rollbacks, they will look at this page. If a user has more than 4 supports, then he will be given the powers and the request will be moved to this page. If you have more than 3 opposes, the request will be moved to the same page, but you will not be granted the powers.

Rules Edit

To request powers (and to manage your request), obviously, there are rules:

  • Make sure you have a good amount of edits.
  • Make sure that you can actually be a rollback/administrator/bureaucrat.
  • The more you prove that you can manage a wiki, the better. Do not put something like "I'm an administrator on many wikis", because there is no evidence and you could be lying. Post actual links.
  • The friendlier you are to other users, the bigger chance you have to be selected!
  • Never remove votes, especially opposes. Doing so will get your request deleted and you will be unable to post another one for a week.
  • Do not vote for yourself!

Requests Edit

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