The Secret Box is a recurring medal in The Floorsland series. It first appeared in the third installment, which was also the first one to feature medals.

Obtaining Edit

The Secret Box can be obtained by clicking a specific area of the game. The area is different for every game and was kept secret (hence the medal's name), until the creator decided to not include the medal in the next games[1]. The specific areas that have to be clicked are as follows:

  • The very top right corner of any of the instructions pages in The Floorsland 3.
  • Any part of the preloader where ads would normally appear in The Floorsland 4.
  • The leftmost part of the highscores in The Floorsland Origins. It may look like a part of the scoreboard component, but it actually isn't.

Trivia Edit

  • The description of medal was mostly a fluke. The creator made it up during a long day of work.

References Edit

  1. See the following two tweets. First Second

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