My brother's dead?! Yay! No more crystal searching! I think it's time to party.
—Tim, understanding that his brother has died

Tim is the protagonist of The Floorsland series. He appears in every major game and in most minor games, too. He is a very friendly man. He has a wife (Tania) and two kids (Ivan and Ralph). He also has an evil brother - Montgomery. Tim has rescued the The Floorsland a lot of times, retrieving the Alynea Crystal, the Ancient Crystal and the Crystal of The Floorsland. In the fourth game he beat the king's twisted and "impossible" game and became the new king.

Biography Edit

Tim was born about five years after his brother. He turned out to be a very curious baby, touching and eating everything he saw, which lead to him almost dying when he ate some molten bricks. Fortunately the bricks where taken out of his stomach quickly and he lived.

He hated school and was very happy when each summer came. He had a big party when he finished 15th grade and went to university. Two years after he finished all his education he married Tania. They have two kids now. Eventually, his brother became evil for no obvious reason and started stealing the Power Crystals. Tim found each one of them, which made the king think that Tim is good for the successor to the throne, so he gave him a twisted game. Tim won the game and became the new king of The Floorsland.

Many people work for Tim, including but not limited to Boris and Chad, who work as warriors, Joey who works as a powerful wizard and Sacha, who works as the main doctor.

Game appearances Edit

The Floorsland Edit

Tim's first appearance is in the first game, where he is depicted as a blue rectangle. The first game is when Tim retrieved the Alynea Crystal from his brother.

The Floorsland 2 Edit

During the events of The Floorsland 2 Tim retrieves the Ancient Crystal, thus saving the entire planet from destruction.

The Floorsland 3 Edit

Tim returns in The Floorsland 3 to procure the Crystal of The Floorsland from his brother, who dies at the very end of the game. It is between this game and The Floorsland 4 when the King decides to step off the throne and pass his title over to Tim.

The Floorsland 4 Edit

Tim's job in The Floorsland 4 is not to find a crystal, but to go through a challenge given to him by the King. Right after this game Tim becomes King of The Floorsland.

The Floorsland Origins Edit

The plot of The Floorsland and The Floorsland 2 remains unchanged in this remake.

The Floorsland: Anniversary Edit

This game is confirmed to be a remake of The Floorsland 3 and The Floorsland 4, thus their plot is likely to remain unchanged.

Trivia Edit

  • Tim is a very good swimmer.
  • Tim hates dentists.
  • Tim's favorite color is orange.
  • Tim can jump almost a meter. Many tests confirmed that the ability is caused by a strange corrupt gene, never before known to scientists.

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